Choose your graffiti tag


Create your name in graffiti letters, graffiti alphabets created by real graffiti artists, Choose a style, write your name and start creating your name in graffiti ghetto style!.

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How to create your graffiti name

  1. Type the name or word that you want to graffiti on the input box, and press submit.
  2. Now that your your name is there click the controls to move, scale and rotate each of the letters.
    (ie: click move and then click the letter that you want to move)
  3. Make the letters close together without overlapping too much, make ones bigger than others, rotate them, have fun!
  4. Choose a colour for your graffiti letters and another for your background
  5. Once you are happy with your name click "Save image", this will download the image to your computer
  6. afterwards click "Share image" to share it on Facebook so all your friends can see it!